WE Fashion signs new International Accord to secure fire, building and electrical safety in the textile and garment industry.

September 1, 2021 - We are pleased to have signed the International Accord for Health and Safety in the Textile and Garment Industry with international trade unions, to continue the work in Bangladesh and start researching opportunities for roll-out of the same model in other sourcing countries. WE Fashion is fully committed to its WE Care policy, which sets out the concrete objectives and activities on sustainability. Active participation in the International Accord is part of this.

The garment industry in Bangladesh has made significant progress in the field of factory safety in the last 8 years since the Accord agreement was concluded in 2013. Significant investment by brands and factories, in conjunction with global unions, has turned Bangladesh's garment industry into one of the safest in the world. It is important we can continue the work together with other brands, the local industry and the unions.

Although 98% of issues in the factories that produce for WE Fashion have been completed, there is still work to be done in Bangladesh - factory safety is not a one-off solution, but a continuous process of inspection, investment and upgrades. Since June 2020 the operational work on this program is handled by the RMG Sustainability Council (RSC). International brands, trade unions and manufacturers all have equal representation on the RSC Board of Directors. The Brands Association for Textile and RMG Sustainability in Supply Chains represents international brands within the RSC. WE Fashion has joined the Brands Association to ensure worker safety and the continuity of the Accord and in Bangladesh.

WE are proud that the WE Fashion Sustainability Strategy forms an essential element of our company. We believe this strategy will enable us to deliver greater value and innovation.

International guidelines and agreements such as the United Nations’ Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the Sustainable Development Goals SDG, the OECD’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and the ILO’s fundamental labour standards helped us to set policies and do our due diligence by investigating the human rights, environmental or animal welfare violations in our supply chains.

Based on the OECD guidelines a comprehensive risk analysis has been carried out to identify the most salient risks. The findings have been used to create the WE Sustainability Strategy 2020-2025. Consisting of four pillars - making the supply chain more sustainable, making better products, improving our way of working and giving back to society - each pillar includes several goals we want to achieve by 2025.

The aim is to create impact for workers and the environment in the supply chain, for consumers by offering them sustainable products, for our colleagues by offering them a healthy and safe working environment, and for the wider community we operate our business in.

Our 4 pillars

Improving the supply chain

We believe this strategy will enable us to deliver greater value, innovation and competition in the years to come.

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Making better products

We want to minimize the burden on the environment by using more environmentally friendly fibers and materials for products, and using cleaner factories for production.

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Improving our way of working

We find it important that we work with happy employees in a healthy and safe working environment and work hard to make that possible.

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Giving back to society

We do not only want to focus on creating profit, but we want all parties involved to benefit from the production of our clothing. It is our responsibility to give back to society.

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Achievements and goals

In the achievements and goals overview below you can see what we have achieved for our WE Sustainability Strategy 2020-2025.

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Finding the right connection between social, environmental and economic interests so that fashion can become sustainable. Something that will interest all stakeholders.


We truly care about all people and our planet. To behave responsibly in our actions so that everyone involved can trust WE Fashion to create products that are made with respect for people and the planet. Now and in the future.


At this page you can find the WE Fashion factory list, and the published policies and reports. It gives you an overview where sustainability at WE Fashion stands for and what activities we undertake in the field of sustainability. You can also see what our plans are for the coming years.

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